How to Use Your FÜM

Start using your FÜM with essential oils to experience the benefits of essential oils.

FUM is a portable, personal way to start utilizing the benefits of essential oils in your everyday life! 


Prepping Your Cores and FUM

First, take your FUM Cores. Open up the pack and pull out one Core. Fray one end of the Core, splitting the fibres open. Fraying the Core provides a friction fit inside your FUM.

After the Core is frayed, slide it inside the hole of the FUM (not the mouthpiece). Your Core should be entirely inside your FUM. 


Using Your FUM

Place the mouthpiece of the FUM to your lips, slowly inhale through your mouth. Exhale slowly through your nose. 

When the air passes through your FUM, it picks up the aromatic molecules of the essential oils. Inside your mouth and nose, your olfactory system absorbs the aromatic molecules, delivering the many benefits of essential oils to your body. 



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